In hospitals and nursing homes the danger is ever present that conmunally used items and locations like medical products, linen, dishes, or sanitary installations transmit pathogenic germs. As a rule, all these items and locations are contaminated with microorganisms and therefore need to be cleaned (sterilized) to prevent crosscontamination. Toilet seat hinges have always been a problem area for thorough and easy cleaning. 
Sensitive locations like hospitals and nursing homes require effective cleaning up to sterilization standard as a matter of paramount importance to suppress the dispersion of pathogenic bacteria, infectious viruses, fungi, and parasites. The simple disassembly of toilet seat and lid is a precondition for adequate cleaning.
klinik krankenhaus toilette steril


Under conditions favourable to their growth, bacteria may emerge as a serious danger for people with a weakened immune system. This applies particularly to hospitals and nursing homes. Especially dreaded among physicians are those bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics. Many of the problematic bacteria in the hospital environment, conveniently subsumed under the acronym ESKAPE, are transmitted by the stool (faeces) of diseased patients. These bacteria include salmonellae, shigellae, campylobacter, enterococci, klebsiellae, and clostridium difficile.


At present, cleaning toilet seats only superficially with suitable cleaning agents does not guarantee complete disinfection. Conventional cleaning methods leave behind not only bacteria deposits but also organic salts, which impair the material and are in direct contact with human skin.


The disassembled elements can be cleaned and disinfected in appropriate cleaning machines. Medical tests have shown that, with the application of moist pressure and heat, HYTO toilet seats are the first fully sterilisable toilet system. The high quality of our melamine product for the clinical sector guarantees long lasting surface quality and stability.
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