Our high-quality thermosets Urea and Melamine, processed in Austria, are finished with antibacterial additives. The proliferation of bacteria is thereby demonstrably dammed.

Dishwasher safe

Melamine is known as a robust material for dishwasher-safe plastic dishes. Special resins combine the raw materials into a particularly compact and durable noble product. The special surface quality makes it possible to use it in dishwashers. Our melamine is also refined with antibacterial additives.

well-known quality

The material Urea, which is known from high quality toilet seats, is baked in a hot mould in contrast to conventional plastics (thermoplastics). The resulting cross-linking of the molecules produces the characteristic strength and durability.
Urea is an exceptionally skin-friendly and hypoallergenic material. The production and disposal of Urea is particularly environmentally friendly due to the natural main ingredient cellulose.


The stainless steel alloy we use with the technical name X5CrNi18-10 is the first commercial steel grade that does not rust. The enormous resistance of the steel to water, detergents and acids guarantees brilliant and clean hinges over many years.
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